My Fun Dunkin’ Donuts Morning

June 17, 2009 — 6

Fun Dunkin’ Donuts morning for me. And I didn’t even have a donut.

Woke up to a story in the Post by Justin Rocket Silverman and Holly Sanders about these guys:

Clever idea. Buskers who’d rather you take the buck you woulda thrown ’em and go buy yourself breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts with it, instead. No worries, Dunkin’s payin’ these guys (and many other street musicians) $20/hour to play music and drive to retail.

Thought it was cool so I sent it to my group for morning inspiration, then I roamed around New York trying to find buskers. Couldn’t find any so I looked on the web for some. Couldn’t find any. BUT… I did find something better. What looks to be the longest user generated homage to a brand in the history of the democracy of technology:

That’s what led me to this guy Steve. The world’s biggest Dunkin Donuts fan, by far. Founder of

Steve really loves Dunkin Donuts
Steve really loves Dunkin Donuts

This has got to be the greatest microsite ever. Pure D&D love. A place for Steve to blow kisses to his favorite donuts, and a place for those who feel the same to upload videos professing their love for D&D. Too good to be true?

Well, Steve hasn’t updated his site (or its corresponding myspace page) since January, so I figured this was another clever Dunkin Donuts campaign that ended in, well, January.

Until I read the closest thing Steve’s got to a legal defense:

This web site is not affiliated with Dunkin Donuts in any way. I am not employed with Dunkin Donuts either. Nothing on this web site should be construed as a message from Dunkin Donuts themselves. I do my absolute best to respect things like trademarks and copyright issues as well.

And then I checked out “Steve’s” other blogs, most of which concern his love for the state of Colorado.

So now I’m back to believing that Steve is “real” and acting of his own volition.

Does all this make me want a donut? No, I wanted one anyway. But it does mean now I gotta track down Steve and give him a call.