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April 7, 2011 — 1

Thanks to Patty for trying to keep me in shape by recommending this from SkyMall No RX Stromectol, ...

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Plavix For Sale

January 14, 2011 — 1

Patty Chung Plavix For Sale, , neverending source of awesomeness, sent me this compelling case study. Extremely helpful, Plavix overseas, 200mg Plavix, as MTV Scratch ponders the future of live event marketing...

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What It’s Like To Get Your Face Licked By Interns From

July 12, 2010 — 0

Today, the New York Post reported the story of what went down here at the office last Friday. Here's what happened... Friday, twitter alerted me that Nancy Lublin, founder and Executive Director of, was up to no good. She'd sent her summer interns on a scavenger hunt through NYC. Their tasks were: - Hunt down Nick Cannon and shower him with Skittles - Slap a banner on Seventeen Magazine Editor-In-Chief Ann Shoket's office - Take a photo with Jersey Shore's Mike The Situation's situation - Deliver beer to ad agency honcho John Swift at OMD - Give Mandy Stadtmiller a lap dance - Lick Ross Martin's face Wait -- WTF? How come I got stuck with the face-licking? OK here's how it played out... FRIDAY 3:15PM Patty: Ross, they're here. They're downstairs at security. Me: Who? Patty: The interns from DoSomething, they're actually here, and they're coming up to lick your face for their scavenger hunt. Me: Stop them! Patty: I can't, they're on their way up... But Patty had a plan: She let them in and directed them to unwitting target Juan Carlos Pagan, our Art Director, telling the interns "that's Ross, right there." When Carlos realized what the interns were about to do, he said: "No way you're licking my face, ever." That's when the interns hunted me down, hiding in Anne Hubert's office. They then licked my face: intern face lick PS Make sure to watch the DO SOMETHING AWARDS live on VH! Next Monday, July 19th at 9PM EST: