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  • New Kicks

    Thank you to my friends at Converse for these objects of beauty on my birthday! 

  • I Can Haz Millennials

    Some highlights from a recent interview I did at Yahoo!’s first CMO summit under CMO Kathy Savitt and CEO Marissa Mayer.  In the clip, I talk about the difference between marketing to/at Millennials vs empowering them to speak through your brand.  It’s just amazing how seriously I seem to take this.

  • Yale School of Management 2012 Conference: “People Are More Likely To Buy Cake On Rainy Days”

    This year’s annual Yale School of Management conference was entitled “The Higher Velocity Marketplace: Technology, Innovation and Engagement in the New Marketplace.”  A good topic for Scratch, since we live it.    Hosted by Professor Ravi Dahr, the Director of Yale’s Center for Customer Insights, the conference featured some awesome insights and approaches from fellow keynoters Jon Iwata (CMO, IBM),…

  • See You At RealScreen 2012

    Evan Shapiro (IFC) hosted a good call today in advance of the 2012 RealScreen panel he’s moderating next week in Washington, DC.  The panel includes Bill Davenport (Weiden & Kennedy Entertainment) and Mike Duffy (Electus) and me.  My friends know the title of the session is one I’ll have trouble with: Branded Entertainment: The Pitch & The Process.  Evan’s a good friend, a smart dude, and…

  • Dr. Pepper Snapple Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jim Trebilcock, On Why He Chose MTV Scratch To Lead The National Launch Of Sun Drop

  • Converse Created A Game Inside Google Search Bar

    Over breakfast a few days ago, Converse CMO Geoff Cotrill and CEO Mike Spillane blew me away with this. Anomoly had the idea, and Geoff and Mike went with it. Earlier this year, they basically created a game inside Google’s search bar. It took 6 months for Google to figure out wtf was going on.…

  • My New Favorite Follow is @JeffreyHayzlett

    Ok so I can’t go into the details, it’s all NDA and shit. Can’t even show you the video he showed us. But I can at least say Kodak’s CMO Jeff Hayzlett is an animal like no other. And it’s not just the belt buckle, the boots and the balls. Handsome, ain’t he? The guy’s…