Porky The Pig & The “Bad Words” Experiment

January 13, 2010 — 0

I'm planning to attend this independent art show February 6th at CREATIVELAB: badwords_logo1.full "The Bad Words Experiment" is the 2nd exhibition created by The New and Attractive Juveniles, following "The Send Help Project." The show features more than 20 artists interpreting the theme "Bad Words" in any way they choose. The New and Attractive Juveniles -- a trio of artists, each pretty incredible in their own right -- is funding the project through a successful campaign on Kickstarter, in which donations of cash poured in and exceeded their budget goal. They also launched a blog that's pretty funny and has stuff like this Porky The Pig "Son of A Bitch" banned cartoon: Show is at: 8pm, Feb 6th CREATIVELAB 68 Jay Street Suite #422 Brooklyn, NY 11201


A Thin Line: MTV’s Campaign Against Digital Abuse With Facebook, MySpace, Anti-Defamation League And More

December 4, 2009 — 1

Our new, multi-year pro-social campaign, A THIN LINE, launched today, in partnership with Facebook, MySpace, The Family Violence Prevention Fund, the Anti-Defamation League and more. Our goal is to empower youth to stop the spread of digital abuse in the form of "sexting," cyberbullying and digital dating abuse. A new study conducted by MTV and Associated Press uncovered these staggering figures: - 50% of 14-24 Year Olds Have Experienced Digital Abuse - 3 in 10 Have Sent or Received Nude ‘Sext’ Messages - 61% who have “sexted” report being pressured to do so at least once - 29% have shared naked images of themselves with someone they only knew online - Targets of digital abuse are almost 3x as likely to contemplate suicide - Targets of digital abuse are 3x more likely to consider dropping out of school - Only 1 in 4 believe that their digital actions could have legal consequences Watch these powerful new PSA's we're premiering today... My friend and colleague, Jason Rzepka, said today: "They're dealing with a reality that no generation before them has ever encountered -- being connected 24/7, all week long, across myriad digital platforms. It's part of being a young person from now on. There's no roadmap. And so far, a true code of ethics hasn't emerged. We're going to partner with young people to be a resource, connect them to help when they need it, open up a conversation, and hopefully help figure it out. We want every member of our audience to be empowered to draw their own line." My boss, MTV General Manager Stephen Friedman, said it well: "Our audience lives online, and while every generation deals with their own set of abuse issues, the digital sphere exponentially increases opportunities for misuse. There is a very thin line between private and public, this moment and forever, love and abuse, and words and wounds. A Thin Line is built to empower our audience to draw their own line between digital use and digital abuse." Please join me in supporting this critical new effort.


Sarah Palin Just Found Out What Alex Grossman Did To Her On Facebook

August 13, 2009 — 5

Uh oh. My friend Alex Grossman emailed me last night that the prank's over, he just got caught being "Governor Palin" on Facebook. Remember that day, months ago, when we could all log on to Facebook and register our names? Well, Alex registered his, like the rest of his. And then -- oops -- Alex registered for Governor Palin. He meant well. No he didn't. And then he started having more fun, as his fake Palin page attracted legions of real Palin (and Jesus) supporters. The more "friends" he made as Palin, the more daring he became in engaging them. As Palin, he encouraged them to "talk to a gay person today," "touch a black person," you get the idea.... Katherine Rosman broke the story in the Wall Street Journal this morning. Here's an excerpt from Katherine's piece about Alex: Using a photo of Palin sitting in a car with her seatbelt on and writing a message that read, “Happy 4th of July and God Bless!?!”, Grossman posted his page. Almost instantly, he found himself with about 100 requests from people wanting to be his – uh, Governor Palin’s – friend. He accepted them all. Updating the page almost every day, Grossman said he most often posted earnest messages about Palin’s love of God and country. But on occasion, he wrote posts he intended to be overtly satirical, so as to “tip my hat to those that I thought knew better,” he explained. He posted messages like, “I need a salmon recipe for tonight. Todd just brought home a fresh one. Something spicy!” (Dozens of “friends” sent recipes in response.) Another update read, “GOD LOVES US ALL, no matter how black or African, or even gay or Jewish we are.” He though for sure people would catch on when he, as Palin, became a fan of Strunk & White. For the full story, click here For more about Alex Grossman, who happens to also be a crazygood TV, film, web & commercial writer and producer, click here For the real Alex Grossman on Facebook, click here