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February 23, 2011 — 2

(photo by David Shrigley)

Two departments at MTV Scratch Buy Petcam No Prescription, are hiring. Here's more info on the open spots and where to send propaganda:

Director, 30mg Petcam, 750mg Petcam, MTV Scratch

Manager, MTV Scratch

Supervising Producer, Petcam uk, 150mg Petcam, MTV Scratch

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Buy Kamagra No Prescription

November 18, 2010 — 0

MIT Media Lab

Buy Kamagra No Prescription, Position Description: Director, MIT Media Lab


The Director is expected to artfully guide the Media Lab through its next decade of innovation and world influence—and inspire a powerful Lab vision made possible by a highly interdisciplinary, exceptionally talented, and creative body of faculty and students. The Director will serve as an effective organizational leader, and be a poised and creative fundraiser for current and future Media Lab programs.

Working closely with the head of the Media Arts and Sciences academic program, Kamagra paypal, the Director will also further develop the Program’s contributions to both undergraduate and graduate education at MIT and will help to mentor junior faculty.


Ideal Experience

The Media Lab is seeking a dynamic and visionary leader of internationally recognized accomplishment with a history of active global engagement in work that encompasses some combination of technology, human interaction, and creative design. The Director should have managed a large, 20mg Kamagra, interdisciplinary organization or research program and must be capable of (though not necessarily experienced in) inspiring and leading closely intertwined research and academic programs. The new Director could be an academic, a researcher, or a practitioner, and should possess a body of work that has significantly changed the way people think about and operate in his/her area of expertise, Buy Kamagra No Prescription. Equally effective in intellectual and industry environments, the candidate should possess exceptional communication skills that are effective both within the Media Lab and externally to the larger MIT community and beyond. Kamagra uk, · Ideally, the candidate will demonstrate strategic as well as operational leadership. He/she will be capable of:

· Being a model of inspirational leadership, including the ability to articulate a compelling vision and mission for the Lab that will inspire excellence and galvanize support from key constituents.

· Raising significant financial support for key initiatives from individual, Kamagra canada, corporate, and/or institutional sources. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, · Effectively building and supporting systems and structures that enable cross-disciplinary activity.

· Building community and effecting cultural change in a creatively driven Lab. 100mg Kamagra, Critical Competencies for Success

Global advocacy: The Director will serve as the leading public voice for the Media Lab. He/she will do this by:

· Inspiring and pushing the organization as a whole to broaden its impact on society.

· Seizing opportunities to showcase the work of the Media Lab’s faculty as world leaders in their fields.

· Working diligently to build and reinforce the Lab’s reputation nationally and internationally through active participation in media appearances, conferences, seminars, forums, and other speaking activities, Buy Kamagra No Prescription.

Resource builder: In an increasingly competitive environment for financial resources and human talent, the Director will build support for the Media Lab and ensure that it maintains its place as a premier organization for advancing leading-edge innovation, 200mg Kamagra. To do this, he/she will:

· Actively engage and build relationships with corporations and individuals, and leverage those relationships into Lab support. Kamagra australia, · Be highly strategic in developing and implementing new funding models for the Lab that are mindful of and maintain the organization’s fundamental independence and grounding in highly creative, undirected research.

· Work to attract top-tier faculty members, students, administrators, 10mg Kamagra, and staff to the Media Lab. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, Institutional leadership: The Director will lead an organization whose culture is fiercely independent and thrives on autonomy, freedom, and, in many ways, a lack of traditional structure. While respecting and preserving this culture, the Director will be responsible for effective strategic, 40mg Kamagra, operational, financial, and academic leadership for an organization comprising more than 350 faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate researchers, 30mg Kamagra, and staff. To do this, he/she will:

· Work with faculty, Kamagra us, students, staff, and sponsors to continuously challenge the community to chart a bold path for the Lab’s research and academic agenda and themes.

· Create a culture of trust and accountability where information sharing, crisp decision-making, 250mg Kamagra, teamwork, follow-through, and open communication are rewarded. Kamagra usa, · Reach out to form strong and mutually beneficial relationships with MIT leadership.

· Actively recruit world-class researchers at the junior faculty level and provide the guidance and resources necessary to forge a successful path toward tenure, Buy Kamagra No Prescription.

· Advocate in the tenure cases of faculty members whose interdisciplinary work is nontraditional and unconventional, and be a strong and influential voice in support of faculty members seeking broader visibility or responsibilities within the larger institution.

Other Personal Characteristics

· Exceptional communication skills—a compelling speaker who can articulate a vision that propels action on the part of his/her audience.

· Generosity and selflessness of spirit, Kamagra japan. One who is able to stand back when appropriate and allow others to shine. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, · Action-oriented–both a thinker and a doer.

· Global perspective.

· Collaborative and creative. 750mg Kamagra, · Intellectually vigorous and curious.


Founded in 1985, the MIT Media Lab ( is celebrating its 25th anniversary as one of the world’s leading research and academic organizations, fostering the invention of novel technologies and concepts that fundamentally transform our most basic notions of human capabilities and daily life. Unconstrained by traditional disciplines, Media Lab designers, engineers, artists, and scientists work together developing technologies that empower people of all ages, from all walks of life, in all societies, to design and invent new possibilities for themselves and their communities, Buy Kamagra No Prescription.

The Media Lab is unparalleled in the sheer diversity of society-changing intellectual movements it has pioneered, 50mg Kamagra, including constructionist learning, sociable media, wearable computing, 500mg Kamagra, recommendation systems, and pioneering interfaces that seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds. The track record of products the Lab has invented or enabled is equally impressive: e-readers, such as Amazon’s Kindle; Nortel’s Wireless Mesh Network; Harmonix’s Guitar Hero and its descendent, Rock Band; LEGO Mindstorms; and the XO laptop developed by One Laptop per Child, Kamagra india.

The Lab’s structure is unique. The Media Lab functions as both a research laboratory within MIT and grants degrees through its academic Program in Media Arts and Sciences. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, The academic program enrolls some 150 master’s and PhD candidates. In addition, Kamagra craiglist, each year approximately 200 MIT undergraduates engage in research projects at the Lab through MIT’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program. More than 25 faculty members and senior researchers share a multidisciplinary approach, and work together in a collaborative spirit. Research areas are as diverse as social robotics, physical and cognitive prostheses, 1000mg Kamagra, new models and tools for learning, innovative interfaces, and transportation for sustainable cities. Kamagra ebay, Media Lab Culture

Central to the Media Lab’s culture are its highly innovative approaches to both academics and research. The Lab’s research combines theory and practice with an emphasis on building working prototypes that have the potential for large-scale, real-world impact, Buy Kamagra No Prescription. The academic program, which derives its intellectual agenda from the research program, emphasizes the practice of learning-by-creating, often in an apprenticeship, Kamagra coupon, atelier-style context.

Diverse, multidisciplinary research is a core tenet of the Lab. Kamagra mexico, Software and mechanical engineering live under the same roof as biology and neuroscience, visual and performing arts, and interaction and experience design. These come together in ways that meld disparate disciplines such as materials science with design, opera with robotics, Kamagra overseas, and artificial intelligence with medicine. Buy Kamagra No Prescription, Creative freedom is also key to Lab culture. The Lab’s unique consortium model for corporate sponsorship provides sponsors (who pay an annual fee) with unrestricted access to all the Lab’s intellectual property during the company’s term of sponsorship. This allows the Lab to maintain a significant level of highly innovative, 150mg Kamagra, undirected research. Faculty and students pursue areas of interest that may or may not lead to a near-term commercial outcome. This relative lack of commercial constraints often results in radical and truly unexpected breakthroughs; it has also resulted in a strong rate of technology transfer.


In March 2010, the Media Lab continued its tradition of architectural innovation when it officially opened its new building, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Fumihiko Maki, Buy Kamagra No Prescription.

Located in the heart of the vibrant MIT campus, the six-story, 163,000-square-foot building is adjacent to and carefully integrated into the prior home of the Media Lab, known as the Wiesner Building, designed by MIT alumnus I.M. Pei, also a Pritzker Prize winner. Together, the two landmark buildings create an exceptional environment for research, creativity, and discovery.

The new building features an open, flexible, atelier-style layout designed to support the unique cross-disciplinary research style of the Media Lab and other related academic programs from the MIT School of Architecture and Planning. Labs and workspaces are arranged around light-filled central atria with spectacular views of the Charles River and the Boston skyline.

The building’s several double-height, glass-enclosed research labs—home to research groups such as Camera Culture, Lifelong Kindergarten, Opera of the Future, and Tangible Media—are vertically offset from one another, making possible long and often surprising vistas through the building—horizontally, vertically, and diagonally—that serve to make the Lab’s work highly visible. This open architecture also enhances the sense of community throughout the building.

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One Of The Best Jobs Ever

March 1, 2010 — 2

Two years ago, I read a New Yorker piece about Brian Grazer's search for a new cultural attache.  I wanted a job like that. Or maybe I wanted to hire my own culutral attache.


So many times, I meet with people who make little or no obvious sense to meet with for my core business. I'm drawn to them because they don't think like anybody else, they're relentless visionaries, they "break things" (as one of my colleages put it, last week). Classical music conductors, inventors, architects, painters, poets, politicians, religious leaders, sports trainers... I invite them for a visit or we meet out somewhere. Sometimes crazygood shit comes from it, sometimes nothing real. But every time, I end up busting out of my normal creative rhythm, dizzy with ideas, and I can't sleep for a couple of days.  Those are the moments when I feel I grow the most. And hopefully I offer them each something, too. Last week, I met Brad Grossman, mentioned below, Grazer's favorite attache of all time.  Now Brad's business is booming and he's advising a few other top secret clients.  And I'm dying to find a way to work with Brad somehow.  Or introduce him to everyone I know.  From The New Yorker...


Want Ad: Beautiful Minds by Lizzie Widdicombe Bored at work? Victim of a hiring freeze? In the past few weeks, word has been circulating, among the post-collegiate cubicle crowd, about an exciting new job opportunity. The rumor, according to one (unofficial) e-mail: “Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer (Da Vinci Code, A Beautiful Mind, American Gangster) is looking for a new cultural attaché.” The e-mail explained: This person would be responsible for keeping Brian abreast of everything that’s going on in the world; politically, culturally, musically. . . . They’re also responsible for finding an interesting person for Brian to meet with every week . . . an astronaut, a journalist, a philosopher, a buddhist monk. . . . There is LOTS of reading for this position! Grazer may ask you to read any book he’s interested in. You’ll probably get to read about 4 or 5 books a week and you may be required to travel with him on his private plane to Hawaii, New York, Europe—teaching him anything he asks you about along the way. . . . You will also be provided with an assistant. . . . Salary is around $150,000 a year. . . . You will be to Grazer what Karl Rove was to Bush. “This job is kind of an urban legend in Hollywood,” a twenty-five-year-old assistant in the movie business said last week. (She had received a similar e-mail, describing the position as Grazer’s “idea curator.”) Rovian undertones aside, it’s actually an old concept: according to Anthony Grafton, a history professor at Princeton, Renaissance and Enlightenment princes often had such a minion, known as a “reader.” Frederick the Great, of Prussia, cribbed much of his expertise from a reader named Dantal; Sir Philip Sidney relied on a Livy scholar named Gabriel Harvey to brief him before a meeting with the Holy Roman Emperor. Cultural attaché to a movie producer. Not a bad gig. But who, in this post-Renaissance era, could do it? Michael Rosenberg, the president of Imagine, the production company Grazer owns with Ron Howard, said that about a hundred would-be attachés have e-mailed résumés since word of the job got out. One was Ed Cooke, twenty-six, a British writer and education consultant. His résumé: philosophy-and-psych degree from Oxford, three languages, a demonstrated interest in “the philosophy of cricket.” “This seemed like a job that would suit me,” Cooke said. He’d sent in a list of interesting people: the medieval scholar Mary Carruthers; the cricket star Shane Warne; Dmitri Nabokov. But Cooke didn’t make the final cut. By last week, Grazer’s staff had already narrowed the potential attachés down to four finalists, who would interview with the boss. “I’ve met a lot of good candidates,” Grazer said, reached on his cell phone en route to a meeting with the screenwriter for “Angels and Demons.” He said that he’d been hiring cultural attachés for twenty years, ever since he asked Jonas Salk’s assistant to help him track down interesting people in science. Fifteen or twenty people have held the job since then. (The “attaché” title started out as a joke.) “They have to be really resourceful,” Grazer said. “I like to meet people in dangerous organizations, and my cultural attaché finds out who that person is—who runs the Yakuza, or the Masons, or MI5.” The best attaché so far, Grazer said, has been Brad Grossman, the current one, who is leaving the post, after four years. Grossman is thirty-two; he owned a tutoring business before taking the job, and Grazer said that he is especially good at explaining the things he’s asked to learn about—bacteria or makeup or superdelegates. “I’m looking for a person who has that teacherlike quality,” Grazer said. “Also, it’s good to have a person who is a connector, who is liked by people.” Grazer has had one bad attaché experience. “A few years ago, I hired this really smarty-pants Harvard guy,” he said. “He was just remarkably lazy. If he didn’t get the Wall Street Journal on his desk, it was like it didn’t exist.” Still, he said, the experience came with a lesson: “Under no condition can you teach curiosity.”


A Shitty Job In Times Square

November 5, 2009 — 1

Every year, Charmin's holiday poop pop-up store here in Times Square manages to thrill the toursists who just can't contain their excrement excitement. It's a shitty job, but somebody's got to do it... charmin