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  • MTV Scratch Is Hiring

    (photo by David Shrigley) Two departments at MTV Scratch are hiring. Here’s more info on the open spots and where to send propaganda: Director, MTV Scratch Manager, MTV Scratch Supervising Producer, MTV Scratch Associate Producer, MTV Scratch

  • Wanna Be The Next Director Of The MIT Media Lab?

    Position Description: Director, MIT Media Lab POSITION SUMMARY The Director is expected to artfully guide the Media Lab through its next decade of innovation and world influence—and inspire a powerful Lab vision made possible by a highly interdisciplinary, exceptionally talented, and creative body of faculty and students. The Director will serve as an effective organizational…

  • The Photo I’m Staring At While I’m On This Conference Call About What To Rename My Department

    If things don’t work out here at MTV, or even if they do, I’m thinking about becoming a typewriter collector. I already have one of Norman Mailer’s old typewriters. I love the thing. Seth just facebooked me this great site. And this inspiring photo: And check out this 1885 Remington:

  • My Dream Job

    Drummer for Pavement…

  • One Of The Best Jobs Ever

    Two years ago, I read a New Yorker piece about Brian Grazer’s search for a new cultural attache.  I wanted a job like that. Or maybe I wanted to hire my own culutral attache. So many times, I meet with people who make little or no obvious sense to meet with for my core business. I’m drawn…

  • A Shitty Job In Times Square

    Every year, Charmin’s holiday poop pop-up store here in Times Square manages to thrill the toursists who just can’t contain their excrement excitement. It’s a shitty job, but somebody’s got to do it…

  • Birds On The Wires (+ a job)

    Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo. This is from my colleague Anne Hubert. Check out Anne’s blog: here. (And For Those Looking: Yes, Anne is hiring.)

  • HBO’s “True Blood” Bites Monster.com

    Great example of what HBO’s TRUE BLOOD is doing so well — insinuating itself into “OPM” (Other People’s Marketing). And yo, Monster: Nice going in a recession — you look cool here.  It’s like, you get it.   (No jobs out there, so you’re having some fun and doing some brand work…) Except wait, wait, wait a minute.  Hold up! How…