Portfolio Magazine On CNET’s Mark Cuban, Kodak’s Jeffrey Hazlett, Best Buy’s Barry Judge & Yours Truly From

November 17, 2009 — 0

Here's Matt Haber's insightful piece in Portfolio Magazine yesterday about execs who blog, execs who tweet, execs who get themselves in trouble, and execs who stare out the window looking for naked people in the hotel next door. And, for the record, our art & promos department is the best in the business, and everybody knows it!


United Airlines Broke His Guitar

July 13, 2009 — 6

Ok I wasn't going to post anything about this because EVERYONE ELSE has. But fuck it, it's just too good. And the subject's too relevant to what I kinda think I am supposed to be doing. United Airlines broke Dave Carroll's guitar, so he wrote a song about it: I've heard all your excuses and I've chased your wild gooses and this attitude of yours I say must go. United, United you broke my Taylor guitar. United, United some big help you are. You broke it, you should fix it. You're liable just admit it. I should have flown with someone else Or just have gone by car. Because United breaks guitars. Then he posted this video that now 2.5MM people have watched: Taylor guitars uploaded a classy response, supporting Dave and guitarists everywhere: This is what you see when you go to Taylor Guitars' site: Then this opportunistic fellow named Steven, from a local music shop, chimed in to support Dave. He announces he is canceling two flights he has scheduled on United. He even offers to lend Dave his own acoustic guitar. Finally, United Airlines agrees to reimburse Dave for the guitar (and to evolve its customer service practices). And Dave issues this statement: Dave's making a new music video about this, coming any day now. I emailed United to ask them about their new policy regarding Taylor guitars. That was a few hours ago. No response yet. Can you imagine what Jeff Hayzlett would do if he ran marketing for United? I did get a response to my blog post about NeuroDrinks...from NeuroDrinks. I'll share it soon. For now, I gotta go, this conference call is ending...


My New Favorite Follow is @JeffreyHayzlett

July 10, 2009 — 8

Ok so I can't go into the details, it's all NDA and shit. Can't even show you the video he showed us. But I can at least say Kodak's CMO Jeff Hayzlett is an animal like no other. And it's not just the belt buckle, the boots and the balls. Handsome, ain't he? The guy's even sporting some classic Kodak-colored formalwear. If you were running marketing for a company that's 130 years old, the company that invented motion picture film, whose business technically should have died with the invention of digital would you do? And what would you wear on the red carpet? After his private presentation here, Wednesday, caused some "trouble" (the good kind), I was supposed to interview him in front of all my bosses. Humbling? Slightly. I only asked him one question before I launched into the Q&A part with audience. My question was, "Do you actually have any friends at work, Jeff?" Months ago, Jeff said something once that I'll never forget: The worst thing you can say about Kodak is nothing. We want to hear the bitches and the moans and everything else that's going on out there. Twitter and social media gives us the opportunity to engage. He's also made me think more on the expectations of our viewers and our users, and the promises we make them. What happens when the promise of a network conveys expectations that we sometimes, admittedly, do not deliver on as much as we should? Kodak was founded in 1880. What strikes me about Jeff is how -- using twitter, his blog, and worldwide speaking engagements -- he’s turned the traditionally opaque office of a CMO into one that’s completely transparent. You can literally watch him reinventing Kodak from the ground up, minute by minute. One way is to follow him on twitter, where he’s just behind QuestLove of the Roots and SouljaBoy as my most frequent tweeters. Here are some classic Jeff Hayzlett tweets: Broke down and washed my truck. But does not mean i will fix the 2 cracks in the windshield. Enjoying a backyard fire and watching fire flies. Makes me want to get a mason jar and catch a bunch. At eye doc for lasik check -- i like to cross my eyes when i walk in @ tell receptionist --- look what you did!!! Ashamed at what i did for a Klondike bar This week I bestow on Jeff the honor of being my "Follow Friday" favorite twitterererer. Wish I could tell you his "Carpet Cleaning" story, or his story about corporate photos....