Livestream With Google at CES 2013 Featuring Scratch, IPG Labs, DeepFocus, Weber Shandwick and Mother, Hosted by PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes

January 27, 2013 — 0

From PSFK‘s site:

What trends and emerging technologies will influence creative business in 2013? PSFK and Think with Google gathered top minds in advertising and marketing to give their insights on how anticipatory devices, life capturing, open ecosystems and more will help agencies create value for clients and consumers. See the full video below.

In attendance were:

Ian Schafer, CEO of DeepFocus
Ross Martin, EVP of Viacom Media Networks/Scratch
David Rosenberg, Managing Partner at IPG Labs
Andrew Deitchman, Founding Partner of Mother
Greg Dvorken, EVP of Tech Practice at Weber Shandwick

Some highlights from the conversation:

2:00 – What’s the value of CES?

10:00 – How 3D printing for reduces cycles of innovation and opens manufacturing to consumers.

12:00 – New industries embracing open API & app development, the danger of hardware becoming irrelevant.

16:03  – An open protocol to control your whole home from your phone.

19:14 – Settling on the suite of accepted technology for the 21st century, now just being improved.

22:00 – How ‘smart’ devices are only smart in their own ecosystems.

25:15 – Why do gadgets exist? The importance of ‘life cacheing,’ and how we capture moments of our fast-paced lives.

28:00 – The potential of data from health and fitness tracking tech. A little scary, but people can be eased into it.

33:04 – The technology of anticipation, a struggle for tangibility, and how companies are the new government and agencies are a part of it.


So What’s Your Magic Number?

January 2, 2012 — 0

“I do think, at a certain point, you’ve made enough money,” said Obama in 2010.

Well, it’s 2012 now, it’s hard out there for us pimps, so I didn’t much know wtf to say when a financial advisor recently asked me my magic number. “You know,” he said, “the number that answers all the questions.”

“No fucking idea,” I replied.

When someone asked John D. Rockefeller the same question, here’s what he said:

Magic number? In a country sitting on $41 Billion in unused gift cards?

In a world where my top five biggest problems include how to get my kid to stop playing his Nintendo DS?

In a world where making a true impact, creating the scale of change I want to see in the world requires getting farther and farther from the people who need help, and closer and closer to the sources of money so I can redirect it to them?

Louis CK learned something about magic numbers last month. And taught himself (and us) something in the process. First, he bypassed the TV networks in favor of his own DIY special on the web. He decided to charge people $5 to watch his show on demand. Lotsa pundits are all over that story, proclaiming it an inflection point on the path of old media’s demise.  I’ll leave that debate to the jokers I’ll see this month at CES.

Anyway, Louis CK’s phone began lighting up with scores of pays-per-view. When it hit million — yes, a million — bucks, he sat there flabbergasted. Any of us would. But what most of us wouldn’t do is what Louis CK did next, and here’s that story via Jimmy Fallon:

Like most of us, I take my financial cues from rappers. Like Lil Wayne: “Too much money ain’t enough money, you know the feds listenin.” (Smart man.)

And Jay-Z: “I’m not a businessman. I’m a business, man.” (Smarter man.)

(Side Note: I’m confused by the Jay-Z vs Lil Wayne pseudo-beef, which is kind about money but not really.)

You wanna know what I’ma do with my next million, dawg? Text a hundred bucks to the kids at St Jude Hospital and then maybe I’ll tell you.


Wanna Be The Next Director Of The MIT Media Lab?

November 18, 2010 — 0

MIT Media Lab

Position Description: Director, MIT Media Lab


The Director is expected to artfully guide the Media Lab through its next decade of innovation and world influence—and inspire a powerful Lab vision made possible by a highly interdisciplinary, exceptionally talented, and creative body of faculty and students. The Director will serve as an effective organizational leader, and be a poised and creative


Guest Lectured This Week At NYU

March 26, 2010 — 0

I guest lectured an NYU class on the future of media and entertainment on Wednesday. The class was about 50 students from NYU’s Tisch (film/tv/media), Stern (business) and Gallatin (individualized study) schools.

Here’s my profile on RateMyProfessors, with 2 ratings so far.

Posting this comment from a student for my mom to see:

Enjoyed listening to his job description. Powerpoint was amazing, loved the pictures. He made the entire class interesting and fun. Great sense of humor and personality. I’ve never have been so sad to see a guest speaker leave before. Thank you Mr. Martin for coming.

Notice the student did not comment on my hotness. I begged the class to go on and give me “chili peppers” (an indication of a professor’s hotness) — to prove to my wife that I am indeed still hot — but, sadly, nobody felt so moved to do so.

Great class, though. Asked some insightful questions. Most watch Jersey Shore, but none actually know when it’s on (they TiVo it). The whole experience gave me a chance to feel like a college professor again.


Aging advertising agency blowhard…

December 22, 2009 — 0

Aging advertising agency blowhard standing in front of the room lecturing how social networking works on the worldwide interweb and how you trick Millennials to care about your brand by getting them to talk about you in concentric circles….

“Thanks, guy,” I think to myself, as I sit on my hands to prevent them from tweeting his name.


Psyched to Meet Dean Kamen Today

June 9, 2009 — 0

I’m sneaking out of this all-week offsite to meet the Benjamin Franklin of our time.




The more you read about Dean Kamen, the more inspiring he becomes.  I’m going to offer him some iced tea and hope he finds me interesting enough to sit through.

Thanks to everyone for emailing great questions for me to ask him.  I’m leaning towards not asking him to fund your movie, Jon, but if the opportunity presents itself, I might.  I have a feeling Dean would be more interested in making a robot to direct your movie?

The robot could hold the camera using this arm Dean’s making…