Fortune Names Microsoft’s Carolyn Everson 40 Under 40

October 14, 2010 — 1

The girl is just incredible. Kudos to Fortune for noticing


Here’s what Fortune said about Carolyn Everson today:

Microsoft spent a year vetting candidates for this newly created position before picking Everson to lead its aggressive push into advertising through media properties like Bing and Windows mobile. A seasoned media exec who was most recently executive vice president of U.S. ad sales for MTV Networks, she faces high expectations from CEO Steve Ballmer, who has said he wants advertising to account for 25% of Microsoft’s revenue. For Everson, that means taking a $3.3 billion business to $15 billion.


Cirque Du Soleil + Project “Natal,” aka The New XBOX That Jim Carey Is Already Really Good At

May 14, 2010 — 0


There’s some reports today about our work with Cirque and Microsoft on Project Natal, which is the new, controller-free Xbox. I’ve demo’d the thing and it’s pretty incredible. I played some beta versions of unannounced games in LA a month ago, including a white water rapids game (I sucked at it, but Jim Carey was a pro on his first try).

Spielberg likened the advent of Natal’s technology to the the feeling we all got with the birth of technicolor. When you see the new XBOX, you get what Spielberg means.

The guys at Cirque du Soleil are the perfect choice to help bring Natal to life foir the first time in public…


BING Spot Premiered Tonight on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

June 12, 2009 — 0

Tonight the BING execution premiered on The Daily Show.

In each, a commercial break begins with a direct response ad for Snuggie. After a few seconds, your TV begins fast forwarding, as if it has a mind of its own. It fast forwards through the Snuggie ad, then through spots for Bosley, Cash 4 Gold and some others. Finally, BING pops on screen and introduces itself as the “decision engine” that gets you want you want faster.

Tonight, what you want faster is more Jon Stewart, so we get you right back into The Daily Show. Saving time by fast forwarding you through the pod, we were able to add 2 minutes more to this episode of The Daily Show, and that became an interview with Katie Couric. BING gets credit for giving you exactly what you want, faster.

Here’s how it played out tonight, shot on my TV at home:

Untitled from Ross Martin on Vimeo.


Major props to the team at Comedy Central for pulling it together, our partners at JWT for the execution, Digital Fusion and my guys for the idea to begin with, Generator for putting the deal together with us, and Microsoft.

Next up, CMT, VH1, Nick at Nite and MTV. Here’s the schedule, hope you like:

Thurs June 11: Comedy Central The Daily Show, 11p
Friday June 12: CMT Top 20 Countdown, 11a (reairs Sat/Sun)
Sunday June 14: Nick at Nite George Lopez 10p
Monday June 15: Vh1 Charm School 9p
Wed June 17: MTV The Duel 2 Reunion Special 10p


We’re Finally Talking About “Bing” Today

June 4, 2009 — 0

Just read the feature about us by Stuart Elliott in the New York Times today, announcing our branded ent (what are we supposed to call it, again?) deal with Microsoft. Msft’s tapping MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, CMT and Nick at Nite to help Yusuf & co. launch BING, their new search decision engine. I’m proud of our incredible teams for their brilliant work to make this happen. It’s just the start.

We’re starting on Comedy Central Thursday with The Daily Show, continuing through June 17th on CMT’s Top 20 Countdown, Nick at Nite’s The George Lopez Show, VH1’s Charm School, and The Real World — Road Rules Challenge Duel II Reunion Special on MTV.

From the article:

“The MTV Networks shows will carry a Bing spot, created by JWT, called ‘Fast Forward,’ which looks like viewers are using the fast-forward feature on a DVR or VCR to zip through 2 1/2 minutes of commercials in 30 seconds. The intended message is that is about ‘getting what you want,’ the spot declares.

“’What’s great about ‘Fast Forward’ is that it flips traditional TV advertising on its head,’” Judy McGrath, chairwoman and chief executive at MTV Networks in New York, wrote in an e-mail message, “’to the benefit of the marketer and the consumer.’

“We’re delivering stronger exposure for the brand,” she added, “and more show for the fan.’”

(Click here to read Stuart’s full aticle)