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March 8, 2011 — 0

Where Can I Buy Tindamax, The first time we did the Woodie Awards, it was an awards show without, uh, the "show." It was 2004. We didn't have time to make one, Tindamax japan. Tindamax australia, College kids voted on who would win, students at The School of Visual Arts designed the "trophy" from a chunk of tree, Tindamax craiglist, Tindamax coupon, and we literally ambushed bands who looked like deer in headlights and screamed: "You just won a Woodie!"

"What the F is a Woodie?" they all asked.

Well, Tindamax overseas, 1000mg Tindamax, artists don't ask that anymore. In fact, 250mg Tindamax, 50mg Tindamax, they compete hard core to win Woodie Awards in a bunch of categories like Breaking Woodie, Road Woodie, Tindamax usa, Tindamax canada, Woodie of the Year... And my favorite, the College Radio Woodie, which goes to the best college radio station in America, Where Can I Buy Tindamax.

For 6 years straight, 100mg Tindamax, 200mg Tindamax, the Woodies have been a show (and a party) on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU, 10mg Tindamax. Tindamax india, This year it will be even more fun (for me) because I don't have to produce it.

Don't get me wrong, Tindamax us, Tindamax mexico, I already miss the show, the artists, 500mg Tindamax, 40mg Tindamax, all of my incredible friends and colleagues who make it happen year after year. Sitting in the truck, 30mg Tindamax, 750mg Tindamax, remotely zooming in on Jack White and The Dead Weather, getting in the way of Eric Conte, 150mg Tindamax, 20mg Tindamax, Liz Patrick, Tracy Hellerud, Tindamax paypal, Tindamax uk, Joe Buoye... Where Can I Buy Tindamax, I already miss it.

I especially miss hunting for Kings of Leon's stolen Woodie Award last year, Tindamax ebay, snatched from the hands of Cyndi Lauper and Leighton Meester.

But now that MTV Scratch is off and running, they've banned me from the HD production truck and handed me a VIP ticket so I can sit upstairs where they put all the other corporate tools like me. And drink. And rock the fuck out.

Major props to (VMA producers) Den Of Thieves, led by Evan Prager and Jesse Ignjatovic, who are teaming up with Amy Doyle to bring the Woodies to life, this year. Comedian Donald Glover hosts, with performances by Foo Fighters, Wiz Khalifa, Sleigh Bells, Two Door Cinema Club and Odd Future.

Kick off the 2011 South By Southwest Music Festival right, watch the mtvU Woodie Awards LIVE on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and online at (Brought to you, of course, by Sun Drop).

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VIDEO UPDATE: The Kid Who Stole Kings Of Leon’s MTV Woodie Award From Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester & Cyndi Lauper

December 4, 2009 — 7

Timing's everything. We're about 36 minutes from the premiere of the 2009 mtvU Woodie Awards tonight on MTV, MTV2, mtvU, Palladia and A few hours ago in the edit, polishing the final cut, the team found this clip of a kid approaching the table, swiping Kings of Leon's Woodie of the Year award, and dashing off: Leighton and Cyndi look confused about what he was doing, but they would've had no way of knowing what he was really up to. If you recognize this kid, let us know. If not, maybe the award will somehow make it to Kings of Leon, who deserve it. They're name is even on it. Either way, this just adds to Woodies lore, along with the fight between Jared Leto and Stereogum, the fight (I never told you about) between Saul Williams and Matisyahu, the orgies backstage, etc. On behalf of Kings of Leon, tell us who this kid is if you know him.


Woodies Sneak Peek: Leighton Meester, Zooey Deschanel, Pete Wentz, Mary-Louise Parker, Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga (3OH!3), David Cross & Death Cab For Cutie Doing “Twilight: New Moon”

November 22, 2009 — 1

roseland-pg93894 The Woodie Awards hit MTV, MTV2, mtvU and in hi-def on Palladia, December 4th at 10pm. But why wait? This stuff's leaking out as we speak... Leighton Meester and Cyndi Lauper present Woodie Of The Year: 3OH!3 show up dressed as Lady Gaga from the VMA's: Death Cab For Cutie Premieres their new song from the "Twilight: New Moon" soundtrack, introduced by "Amber Tamblyn's boyfriend," David Cross: Pete Wentz... pete_wentz-pg94111 Mary-Louise Parker... Mary-Louise-Parker-93202593 Zooey Deschanel... Zooey-Deschanel-93202775


Just Took A Picture Of My Woodie

November 10, 2009 — 0

Damn, I swore to never write a headline like that.  Shit. Anyway, the Woodie Awards are 8 days away (November 18th at Roseland Ballroom in NYC) and I can finally see the show in my head. We shoot it next Wednesday, then we edit to air on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and hi-def channel Palladia on December 4th. More than 6 million votes have been cast so far -- have you voted yet? Besides all the confirmed performers -- Death Cab For Cutie, The Dead Weather, Matt & Kim, and Passion Pit -- there are a few more performers we are about to announce this week, and also some surprise performances coming that night. Not to mention a ton of artists and celebrities set to present awards and hang out, which we'll announce soon, too. Normally what I do to get my head in the game is load my iPod up with all the songs that will be performed on the show, in order, and I run around Prospect Park every morning and listen to them over and over. But since I am enormously fat now, I can't run. And it's more fun to blast the songs at home and eat meatloaf. Ok, are you ready to see what the actual Woodie Award looks like? MyWoodie It is extremely heavy, like 25 lbs at least! And you see that hammer? It comes off. One year, MOdest Mouse took the hammer and pounded the metal spike into the wood. Those rebels.


Design The Graphics For This Year’s Woodie Awards On MTV, MTV2 & mtvU

October 6, 2009 — 0

The Woodie Awards are at Roseland Ballroom in NYC on November 18th. It's a show for college kids, by college kids. They pick the nominees, they pick the winners, and they put the artists they love most on stage that night to perform. It's a huge party and a huge moment for indie music, six years in a row and counting. beck at woodies This year, our on-air graphics team is collaborating with college students in a new and exciting way. You know those "and the nominees are..." graphics packages that MTV award shows are famous for? They're always unique, always graphically brilliant. This year, college student artists are doing the designs for those. Yet another way that students are literally taking the show into their own hands. If you are an artist (or know one) in college today, click here to find out how you can get your work featured on this year's show. An incredible opportunity for millions of people to see your work on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU. From my colleagues in our on-air design group... Woodies 2009: A Typographical Extravaganza The mtvU Woodie Awards is the annual college music awards show that highlights indie music and shouts out those artists making their mark in the field! Unlike other music awards shows, here, the student is the voice, and your vote determines which music is best. Each year, the MTV On-Air Design team is asked to create the live and on-air graphics packaging for the event. Throughout the show eight awards are presented, each category requiring a graphic introduction, and we’d like to give you the opportunity to get involved. For more information about the show, nominees and online voting, log on to Creative Brief This year we are proposing A Typographical Feast, wherein college art/design students in typography/illustration individually craft each category title. It’s the evening of the event…the house lights go down, and all eyes are focused on a giant HD screen that will display individual category titles… Imagine WOODIE OF THE YEAR spelled out in sprinkles… The possibilities are endless…


Darius Goes West: Using The Power of MTV For Good

September 29, 2009 — 0

A few months ago, Brett Ratner came to the office and, among other things, asked what we were going to do about this kid Darius Weems. Darius suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) -- the leading genetic killer of young people worldwide, which took his brother's life at age 19. When he was just 16, Darius traveled across the country to raise awaress and funding for DMD, and he made a documentary about his quest to pimp his wheelchair on MTV. So far, he's raised nearly $2 million for DMD research. Last Sunday, on his 20th birthday, MTV helped Darius reach millions more by broadcasting his award-winning documentary "Darius Goes West." Here's Darius with my colleague and friend, Jason Rzepka, talking about the documentary on CNN: Learn more about this amazing kid here. Follow Darius on twitter. Scientists say they're getting closer to a cure for DMD. Want to bring us closer? TEXT the word "spin" to the number 90999 and donate $5. It's easy, and it will make you feel better than reading a blog.