UPDATE: More Kneebutts Inspired By Cisco Adler

March 8, 2010 — 0

Just a reminder, first, that it’s not what it appears to be.

Ever since my post about Cisco Adler’s website, many of you have been sending me photos of your knees/elbows bent into suggestive poses resembling other parts of your bodies.


You should send them to Cisco, not me, though I am enjoying them. And here are 3 faves sent by SomethingBurningers:




Not sure what this says about readers of this blog, but I’ll take what I can get.


Naked At Woodie Awards Rehearsal

December 1, 2009 — 0

The best thing about rehearsing for this year’s Woodie Awards:
Soundcheck for The Dead Weather. Jack White = Pure Genius. (Even though he wouldn’t let me film it.)

The second best thing about rehearsing for this year’s show:
The bike messengers Matt & Kim brought.

Eight messengers followed Matt & Kim on bicycles from Brooklyn to the Roseland Ballroom. The plan was for Diplo to spin a wicked set, then Matt & Kim and the bike messengers would arrive at Roseland, ditch their bikes, blast onto the stage, and the messengers would undress to become a naked chorus.

We are perfectionists, of course, so we just had to rehearse this over and over and over to make sure they were, you know, undressing at the right time and everything….

After their actual performance at the Woodies, Kim (Stolz) caught up with Matt & Kim. Matt got Kim to admit she likes getting naked more than she lets on. Then they talk about the size of Kim’s chest…

Set your tivo — Woodies hit MTV this Friday night, December 4th, at 10pm.


Hotel Sex (or, Trying To Find A Great Show)

June 7, 2009 — 40

Sometimes I get to the office pretty early, and someties I stay late. I have two views from my office windows. One is a stunning NJ vista, from which I would have seen the plane landing in the Hudson. The other windows in my office provide me a direct view of 100 rooms at the Times Square Marriott.

I see dressing, undressing, other stuff… Yep, if you stay there and you leave but a slight sliver of your window unobscured by the curtain…I can see you. And while I’m on these fascinating conference calls, I AM looking!

But can you see me? At first, I thought you could, and I didn’t mind. I figured you were from out of town, and you might not speak English so good. Or that you just didn’t mind, you thought I was cute. Or you wanted to get cast in Real World.

Then I tried dancing in the window, memba? Just to see how you’d react.

I was up on the sill, and I was getting kinda freakydeaky because Ciara (Ciara?) had just come by and given us her new CD, and I was feelin’ it, baby. You were right there, across the street, eye to eye, parallel plane, and I could swear you were lookin’ right at me. But…nothin! You didn’t react. How come? I was giving it all I had!

If anyone wants to know what to get me for my birthday (or sooner?), I think I need a telescope. Something for greater detail. I feel my eyes are going. I could use a closer look at the Marriott. Especially at night, after a long day, when my eyes are tired, I’m sick of stepping on toes, and all I’m trying to do is find the next great show.

Then again, aren’t we all.