The Nike Sneakers I Designed Tonight At David Berney Of Sapient’s Party At “Nike ID Lab”

January 12, 2010 — 0

Special thanks to David Berney of Sapient for inviting me, tonight.  David threw a party where we sampled wines paired with Nike sneakers.  Then we got to design our own sneakers.  Here are mine:

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Notice these kicks are mostly white. A Nike designer named Pericles (real name) steered me in the right direction, helping me get over my fear of being miscast as a male nurse — not that there’s anything wrong with being a male nurse — by wearing white sneakers.

The only shitty thing here is that you can’t see the back, which is the best part of these.  On the left sneaker, the back collar says “Theo,” and on the right one, it reads, “Dash.”  My sons’ names.  The kicks get here in 4 weeks.