Happy Holidays

December 5, 2013 — 1

I had some fun making a video for my team as a warm-up for our holiday party, tonight.  I’m so proud of everyone at Scratch for their incredible work this year — our biggest and best ever.  This represents the first time I’ve ever been turned into a Belgian action star from the 90’s…



Buying Shitloads Of “Zilch” by Nancy Lublin

June 23, 2010 — 4

Super lavish party last night for Nancy Lublin’s new book, ZILCH.


I walked in with the new Justin Bieber special issue of SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE, under my arm, which Seventeen’s Editor-In-Chief Ann Shoket had given me in the car on the way to the party. (Ann grabbed it back to give to a very cool 8 year-old girl who was at the party, so now I have to buy my own unless Ann messengers me one today, as promised.)

After my Bieber mag got stolen from me, I went looking for Nancy (hard to miss in her orange leather jacket, which matches the cover of Zilch). While I congratulated her on her very excellent book, and wondered how the F she ever had time to write it, Nancy took the opportunity to passionately admire my glow-in-the-dark Silly-band bracelet. My bracelet happens to be a great example of the power of zilch.

silly band

This book literally makes you smarter. And when Nancy Lublin gives you a chance to tap your inner Nancy Lublin, you take it. So today I am buying a shit ton of Zilch, and I will give free copies to anyone who wants one.

Gotta go, Nancy is calling and wants to know how many copies I want. I’m gonna say a hundred, for starters.


Cool Invite

November 8, 2009 — 0

I’m looking forward to a launch party we’re having in a few weeks. It’s not like anything we’ve ever done before. So when I saw the first draft of the invitation, today, I admit I had imagined it differently. My expectations were also out of whack, because there wasn’t any time to, you know, and the final invite will be killer, it always is, we’ll get there.

Anyway, it stirs memories and longing for invites of corporate launch parties past.

The first that came to mind is the Diesel XXX party I got invited to a few years ago (you know the one). Then I thought of the invite Partners & Spade did 2 months ago for their K-Swiss sneaker launch…