An Urban Arts Project I Hope You’ll Consider

June 10, 2013 — 0

The Textile Arts Center's Artists In Residence Program is a project my wife, Jordana Munk Martin, started a few years ago at Oak Knit Studio, her Brooklyn-based art space.  It's a one-of-a-kind program that incubates emerging textile artists from around the world, showcases their work, and activates local and national communities around DIY creative projects. There are so many ways this project affects our local Brooklyn community -- and beyond.  In a world less and less real, the residency program makes art you can touch, you can feel, you can learn from, you will be inspired by.  Often, you can wear it, too.   This video shows you what I mean... Like you, I get asked to donate time, energy and money almost daily.  I try to give what I can, but I myself practically never ask anyone to give anything.  Except once in a blue moon. Cue the blue moon: I'm asking you to check this out and consider a donation.  In any amount.  Why support local arts projects like this one?  Because without them life would suck so much.


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January 20, 2012 — 0

And it seems like we're all having fun there.  Just started mine HERE.

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