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  • UPDATE: The Best Holiday Gift Ever — More Awesome Stuff From Richard Shay

    Check it. Richard Shay, my (and Oprah’s and Michael Jordan’s) favorite photographer, just sent me some images of his latest creation. He made a guitar strap emblazoned with images of Jordana, Theo and me. And guitar picks with Theo’s face! It’s in the mail on its way here. Thank you, Richard Shay!

  • Richard Shay Just Made Me This Incredible Guitar

    My friend Harry Oppenheimer (the handsome gentleman in the above photo) took me to see his buddy, the legendary Chicago photographer and artist Richard Shay.   Richard’s famous for his work with Oprah, Ellen, Michael (Jordan) and many others. Richard took us inside his girlfriend’s house and showed us what he’s been working on.   He snapped photos…

  • A Rare Books Shop I Love, In Chicago

    Richard Shay‘s mom, Florence, runs this very cool “out of print first edition collectable” book shop in Highland Park, called Titles, Inc. If you’re in Chicago, check it out. A good way to get completely lost in books for an afternoon (or a week), like Billy Corgan does… Not in Chicago? Check out Florence’s blog!