My “Sorry The Gameshow” Dream

January 7, 2010 — 0

I had this dream the other night that I bought the rights to the board game SORRY…and turned it into a TV game show. This must have happened because our family played way too many games of SORRY over the holidays. To be honest, I’m also on a high from having won a large number of those games.


I can’t remember the dream completely, but I do remember that the game show itself became an instant ratings winner, and whatever network it was on was having a tough time deciding whether to strip the show or keep it weekly in primetime.

The TV game show tried to remain true to aspects of the real SORRY board game, but the show’s format and conceit were a pretty big departure.


There are two contestants per episode, and they go head to head. Your goal as a contestant on the show is to try to manipulate 4 people over the course of a day. You have 24 hours to get them from their homes to the finish line. But it’s not easy, your competitor is always trying to sabotage your efforts, as you try to sabotage theirs.

For example, you are trying to get one of your “pawns” from their home to a bowliing alley. They get there but there’s a “closed” sign on the front door. The bowling alley isn’t closed, but your competitor put the sign there, and it worked — your pawn thought it was closed so they left and went back home. Sorry! You’re back to the dsrawing board with that pawn.

Here’s the catch — none of your pawns know they are in the game. We’re tracking them with mobile GPS and with some cameras in the field. If a pawn figures out he is in the game, you lose that pawn.

Ok, before you guys start sending me emails about why I would suck making game shows, this was just a dream.

OK, back to CES…which was nuts last night, in a good way. Thank you Michael Kassan for giving me so much to think about that i couldn’t sleep at all last night here in Vegas.


Lady Gaga Endorsing NeuroDrinks, sorta

July 2, 2009 — 0

Dear Neuro Drinks,

Congratulations on getting Lady Gaga to poison her boyfriend with your “sleep enhancement drink” in the “Papparazzi” video (below).  Not sure what arrangement you made with Gaga, Jonas Akerlund and Interscope to get that done, but I’m assuming the cash helped pay for the video, and Jonas did a solid job with the integration. 

This morning I awoke to nice complimentary breakfast at the W.  Amongst the popovers and jelly, a curious thing — your NeuroSleep drink.  (((Hold up — Why would I want to drink a drink in the morning that promotes sleep?  Anyway, that’s not your problem, that’s the W Hotel not thinking.)))

Then I noticed something that IS your problem.  And that’s why I am writing you.  Your NeuroSleep drink is designed to relax muscles, calm the mind, and increase brain function.  Not sure what that means but who cares, as long as it tastes good. 

I was about to taste it, but then I realized you spelled “function” wrong on the label…so I thought I would let you know…

Neurosleep by you.

Anyway, here’s the Gaga video because I can’t mention Gaga and not show her video or Jen Zeller will get mad…