That Matador Records Ad On

Can’t believe an advertisement on my blog just made my day, but it did.


Last week,  I called up the supreme webmaster of (F-Train Media), and I asked if he would try putting some Google Adsense ads on the blog. Reason being, traffic’s way up, more than I ever thought (thank you, by the way), and I feel like my webmaster should reap the benefits.

After some coaxing, he agreed. The the ads are up. And besides the Tea’s Tea ad, which I call an “enthusi-ad” and I put there because I like Tea’s Tea, the other ads are served by an algorythm. Meaning it’s anybody’s guess which ad will pop up when you visit this site.

I suppose I hope that “contextual ads” means that the ads you see here will in some way relate to the content you’re reading or looking at, but I’m not holding my breath, and I hope you’re not, either.

I like reloading the site while I’m on conference calls, playing my own version of banner ad roulette. If the ads suck, tell the advertisers that their ads suck. That’s what I do.

So imagine my surprise when I got back to the office today, went to check out somethingburning, and there pops a banned ad for one of my favorite labels of all time! Matador Records! Home of Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth and many more.

Hooray Matador! Hooray SomethingBurning! Hooray ad dollars for my webmaster!

Gonna hit refresh now and see what ad pops up.


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