The High Life: “We Came To Rock” (AR Classic Records)

Rebecca Gwynne — a really good young editor — sent me this new video from some hip hop artists I didn’t know before. The artists are The High Life and they seem like they’re really psyched to be doing this video, so it put me in a good mood. The video’s directed by Toshiki Yoshiro. Mike Frazier is the editor, and I like his style here.

Is the song gonna make you sing it? Prob not, but it’s still good, and I like these guys’ energy.

Makes me think for the ***** project we’re working on (hint: it’s a soft drink), we should let the emerging hip hop community know we could use some music for the campaign. Like in mtvU days, we’d probably get thousands of songs, and some would be killer, and we’d blast those out wide.

Anyway, thanks for the early morning lift on a Monday, Rebecca.





3 responses to “The High Life: “We Came To Rock” (AR Classic Records)”

  1. video auteur Avatar
    video auteur

    looks like a bunch of wannabe rappers, with no real story to tell…. good production though.

  2. duby Avatar

    an you are prolly some sorry ass human being that wouldnt know good music if it hit you in your fuckin face..get real beeezy

    my niggas killd it

  3. AR Classic Records Avatar

    Thanks to Ross for posting this!!

    Anyone who wants check out more material by us, please visit:

    from there you can find a bunch more projects we've released. and links to all of our artrists.

    Thanks for the support!

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