Times Square Lost & Found: Is This Your Sandal?

Did you leave your kid’s sandal in Times Square today?  If so, it’s on the Northeast corner of 44th & Broadway…







5 responses to “Times Square Lost & Found: Is This Your Sandal?”

  1. Rahsan Avatar

    That's my sandal!

  2. Arin Patel Avatar
    Arin Patel

    Gimme my sandal back!!!!!!! lol lol

  3. @lstreams Avatar

    The proper lost and found protocol is to take it into your possession and ask a person to contact you if they are missing a sandal. When they do, they must offer a distinct characteristic to prove the sandal indeed belongs to them…then and only then, can they retrieve this valuable item!

  4. Corin J Avatar
    Corin J

    call me — i have it! naked cowboy tried to steal it, stuffed it up his younow but i chased his ass down and i got it 😉

  5. Broker Pump Avatar
    Broker Pump

    that's MY sandal bitches stay away from it its elktrc

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