Times Square Needs Some Help

Great Impressions: How Come We’re Not Superserving the Times Square Beach?

My old friend Susan Dominus is dead-on in her New York Times piece on Times Square. As public/private partnerships abound, you’d think someone would have figured out a more impressive reality than recessionistic beach chairs from Pintchik (no offense, I love Pintchik). How come nobody called David Rockwell or whatever?

With all these people sitting out there on Broadway, staring at the screens and billboards, somebody’s gotta step up and entertain them, they’re dying out there. For the residents of Times Square (us, ABC News, ESPN, Bubba Gump, Toys R Us, Naked Cowboy, Roxy…), maybe it’s up to us?

Sean, here’s an idea — should we call up SONY? We could blast some of our shows or some great performances (Michael Jackson?) right now on our enormous Hi-Def screen (the largest in Times Sq). Then team with SONY to hand out headphones tuned to receive the audio of what’s playing on our screen. So it’s kinda like “silent disco” style.

At least it would give these people something to do, right?ย 

Times Sq by you.






6 responses to “Times Square Needs Some Help”

  1. Sean Avatar

    Ross, SO with you. We basically have the largest "soapbox"/streetcorner ever created in modern times and what is anyone doing with it? Such a great opportunity to think how we can enlist technology to help us. Flash mob performance once a week. Different artist/genre. Once day all dancers from various broadway shows, one day singers, one day – why not put up some portable hoops and have a game??? Life – needs to be lived! Vitamin water would sponsor…or our new company = DO IT NOW PRODUCTIONS.

  2. erinsaenz Avatar

    I used to work at vitaminwater and it's totally something they SHOULD do with MTV

  3. jiggawho Avatar

    Word!!! How come you muffugas aint done this yet???? homies come mon!

  4. sowhatifidid Avatar

    look at these people out there — why would you sit on yer butt in a crappy chair on bway all day like that? at least give them something to look at, MTV. Or they''ll have to settle for a front row seat of the exterior of toys r us…or the abc news ticker?

  5. jonnyjon Avatar

    Looooove Susan DOminus

  6. snickerme Avatar

    This is a GREAT idea — I will be in NYC next week and would love to pitch you a show you can do out there. I have bands and sponsors lined up and ready to roll, Ross!

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