Update: Benjamin Wagner of MTV News Sings Oasis’ “Wonderwall” In My Office

Last week’s performance in my office by MTV News’ Benjamin Wagner has become a pretty popular post on Something Burning. Seems like people enjoy his music as much in a video square on the interweb as we all did hearing it live.

So I thought I’d post another song he did for us that day. It’s his cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Classic song, not easy to cover, but I love his interpretation and how he speeds it up.

Untitled from Ross Martin on Vimeo.

I wish everyone could hear it live like we did. Oh wait, you can!
Click here for Benjamin’s upcoming live shows.
Click here to read Benjamin’s blog.
And click here to see what Benjamin does when he’s not playing guitar and singing.





3 responses to “Update: Benjamin Wagner of MTV News Sings Oasis’ “Wonderwall” In My Office”

  1. Supposed 2 Avatar
    Supposed 2

    i like this song best but the others he did last week were good too. how come he looks so pained at times? he must really be feelin it…

  2. Corina Crowe Avatar
    Corina Crowe

    ben is on a roll and i like his blog post about this too on his own blog he seems like he had fun — benjamin you should come to everyone's office and perform random acts of music lol

  3. Benjamin Avatar

    i do look pained, don't i? i think that's passion or enthusiasm or something. maybe what i ate for lunch.

    and corina, just send me an outlook meeting request — i'll be there.

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