UPDATE: Continuing Coverage Of The Hood In Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Welcome to SomethingBurning’s continuing coverage of something burnt.

Basing his analysis on his”Mugging Map” of my neighborhood, Hollywood executive Courtney Holt first identified Prospect Heights, Brooklyn as “the hood” in 2008.

Evidence that Prospect Heights is a “hood” surfaced this Monday night, when thugs busted into a Denali, stripped it, then set it ablaze on the corner of Park Place and Vanderbilt Avenue.

This morning, Holt’s comments were further substantiated. A full two days after the incident, the Denali’s burnt hood remains propped up on the corner, as if a public art display.


We’re calling this display “The Hood,” and it can now be hailed as a symbol of our street cred, the literal embodiment of our “hood.”

Suck it, Park Slope.

P.S. Courtney Holt = Not From The Hood






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