UPDATE: Jeremy Ellis Performing At Google Zeitgeist Right Now — With Surprise Guest Justice Sandra Day O’Connor!

A couple of weeks ago, Scratcher Mark Lowyns showed me some videos of Jeremy Ellis drumming with his fingers on an electronic trigger-board. I loved Jeremy’s stuff so much, I introduced him to the team that runs Google Zeitgeist, Google’s annual partner conference.

Zeitgeist 2011 began here in Arizona, last night. Today featured Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Jay Parkinson (friend of Scratch), Dave Eggers, Robert Reich, Scooter Braun (friend of MTV), Gilberto Gil, Tony Hawk, Jane McGonigal, Maria Bartiromo, Sir Richard Branson, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Massimo d’Amore, Eike Batista, Mark Cuban, Ken Goldberg, Deepak Chopra, Tim O’Reilly, Celine & Fabien Cousteau, Chelsea Clinton, MC Hammer, Arianna Huffington & Mike Arrington (not together!), Ted Koppel and many more, to name a few.

My favorite? Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, seen here with, yes, our new BFF Jeremy Ellis…

Jeremy became a live soundtrack for the conference. Here’s a little bit of Jeremy…


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