Amazing Video On Social Media From Socialnomics

I haven’t read Erik Qualman‘s book, SOCIALNOMICS, yet, but I’ve watched this video about five times straight tonight. I’m going to put it on a loop in the office today…

And check out Erik’s blog, too. I feel like we should be paying him for these insights. Shouldn’t we? Oh yeah, we should, so I’ll hawk his new book right here:







2 responses to “Amazing Video On Social Media From Socialnomics”

  1. @equalman Avatar

    Ross – thanks for the kind words – especially coming from such a respected MTV team member! I love the name of your Blog too btw – very original!

  2. @teamsiems Avatar

    Ross, I just read Erik's tweet about your site. You should read the book. It's doesn't contain the shocking stats of the video, but it has some things you may not know about social media, society and a new economy. I plan to blog a review when I finish reading my copy.

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