We Keep Getting Pitched By…

…all these start-ups who have “exclusive deals” with the top bloggers and internet “personalities” in the universe, all of whom (they promise) are dying to shill product. So…wait…Blogger, you wanna, like, leverage your credibility so fast? But you just got it!

We’re poking around, we’re learning, we’re hoping to be surprised. But I don’t get the model, I don’t get the scale, especially when we are sitting on our own network of young filmmakers, game developers, journalists, poets, you name it, worldwide, ready and waiting. We know them. And the better we get at our jobs, the more we empower them to take over.

I’m curious, if we were to really engage external vendors (and I’m still not sure we really need to, when I look at the talent flooding our system at the moment), which of these companies are best to marshall superstars of the world wide interweb?






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