Winners Of The Woodie Awards Design Contest

November 12, 2009 — 1

The Woodie Awards (if you don’t go gold, you don’t go platinum, you go wood) — the annual college and indie music moment of truth — are next Wednesday at Roseland Ballroom in New York. They air Friday, December 4th on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and Palladia.

The Woodies are kinda like the antidote to the typical award show, in that they’re really all about the performances that night, the music, the artists put on stage each year by the college kids who demand them. We don’t choose the nominees, we don’t choose the winners, and we didn’t even design the original Woodie award itself. College students do it all.

What do we do? We get out of the way as they take over, more and more each year. Because it’s not our show, it’s theirs. And millions of college kids can’t be wrong.

This year, we teamed up with the legendary MTV on-air design group to give student artists and graphic designers a chance to take over yet another element of the show: The graphic opens for each award announcement. You know, the whole “And the nominees are…” thing? This time, college students did the art, and the MTV team is animating the winning submissions.

Hundreds of students submittied, and here are the winning designs for each category, which we’re building into the show as we speak…


And the incredible college students who made them:

“Woodie of The Year” by Janice Chae, MICA
“Best Music On Campus” Liz Moser, Pratt
“Good Woodie” by Michael Kennedy, Pratt
“Radio Woodie” by Kyle Hebert, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
“Performing Woodie” by Kathleen Madamba, Drexel
“Left Field Woodie” by Julie Friedenberg, Pratt
“Best Video Woodie” by Lisa Champ, Pratt
“Breaking Woodie,” by Tommaso Dell’Anna, Pratt

Congratulations, guys, see you at the show on Wednesday.

– Ross

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