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  • Some Thoughts On BRIC, Brooklyn’s Beloved Arts Organization

    Jordana and I were recently interviewed by Brooklyn Independent Media about BRIC, Brooklyn’s beloved non-profit arts organization. For 35 years, BRIC’s been driving and reflecting the cultural diversity and creativity of our favorite borough, led by its brilliant visionary, Leslie Schultz. From live music and performing arts (the Celebrate Brooklyn! Performing Arts Festival and BRIClab),…

  • Research You Can Walk Through

    For years, Scratch has studied the compression of time and space between, say, a good idea and a better one; a thriving company and a dead one; instant success and precipitous failure and then (often in a reality show?) premeditated redemption. “Time’s moving faster than ever,” right?  Sure it is, or at least if feels…

  • To The Next Person Who Tells You “Settle Down”

    Tell us impossible.  Tell us we can’t.  That thing we see in our heads — that thing that hasn’t been done. He can’t, she won’t, we’ve never.  Tell us settle down, settle down. Ok now listen close: We.  Never.  Settle. We never give up, we never give in, we will Never.  Settle.  Down. Bring on…

  • Can’t Sit, Must Run (Nike)

    2 years old and still works:

  • A Sign

    More proof that the Singularity is near (h/t Gizmodo):      

  • Happy Birthday Malala

    We stand with you today and always. #strongerthan

  • “Live In The Layers”

    Stanley Kunitz published this poem when he was 73 years old: The Layers I have walked through many lives, some of them my own, and I am not who I was, though some principle of being abides, from which I struggle not to stray. When I look behind, as I am compelled to look before…

  • Flying Nowhere To See Something New

    Mark Lowyns runs the “experiential” practice at Scratch, so I expect him to know about stuff and to make amazing things happen.  He does it all the time at work — it’s his job. I’d heard he’d been cookin’ up some cool shit outside of work too.  So one day last week I decided to…

  • A Simpler Way

    And then there’s the magic of our own neighborhood.  Where one day you can spend the day seeing Ai Weiwei at The Brooklyn Museum through the eyes of a five year old… And playing in the trees of Swoon… Only to wake up the next morning to a note, on a branch, on a tree,…

  • Raf Simons x Adidas Stan Smith