Jonathan Safran Foer’s TREE OF CODES

August 7, 2011 — 0

All year, I’ve been studying car manufacturing processes (complicated) and the history of soda bottling (simpler but with more bullies), so it’s refreshing to come across a short film on the manufacturing of my friend Foer’s ambitious little book, TREE OF CODES.

Published last year, TREE OF CODES required a painstaking process in which chunks of Foer’s favorite novel, “The Street of Crocodiles” by Bruno Schulz, were cut and reassembled into a brand new narrative. (I woulda chosen some Yo La Tengo for the music bed, but they went with “The Last of The Melting Snow” by Leisure Society.)¬† ¬†Here it is:

Tree of Codes by Jonathan Safran Foer: Making Of from Visual Editions on Vimeo.

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