Miley Cyrus Is Like, Totally Right, You Guys — It’s Pretty Easy To Get Chase Bank To Give $1MM To Jamie Tworkowski’s “To Write Love On Her Arms”

January 21, 2010 — 0

Are you on a boring conference call right now and pretending to look important like this idiot is? Ross On Phone Then take 2 seconds to have a massive impact by clicking right here. It will take you back into Facebook for a sec so you can vote for something. What are you voting for? You're voting for an organization called TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS as they attempt to get Chase Bank to give them the money they need to start a 24-hour online support network for people in their darkest hour. You yourself don't give any money, it's not about that. Give your money to Haiti relief. All you do for this is click a freakin' button and a teller at Chase Bank hands over some cash. Ok it doesn't really work like that but it should. Truth is, Chase adds up all the votes and one organization wins a shitload of money. I believe that organization should be Jamie Tworkowski's TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS. After you check them out, I think you will too. So I'm with Miley on this one. But we gotta do this in the next 48 hours. It's over after Friday. Seriously, don't be an asshole. Are you still on that boring conference call? think about this: You or someone you love has at one point in life been so down you just needed someone to listen. That's what this is about. Making sure we've got people's backs when they need it most. Use the internets here to help TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS -- an incredible organization -- launch an online help network that's there all the time for anyone -- including you -- who might one day needed it. And there are people who need it right now. Thanks, you just did a good thing.

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