Diplo & Switch’s “Major Lazer” An Early Woodies Fave?

Transactional media in the middle of the new Diplo & Switch music video, “Major Lazer”? Check out how the animation makes way for live action, in which young boys play with action figures you can (not really) “order now!” My guess is they compete for a Woodies nomination this year.





5 responses to “Diplo & Switch’s “Major Lazer” An Early Woodies Fave?”

  1. dermot Avatar

    found the easter egg and enjoyed the posts. so is blogging old hat now? question: where does a blog end and a tweet begin or vice versa?

  2. stetch Avatar

    this is one of my favorites of the year!! ja mon

  3. Schutz Avatar

    dude- i seriously want those action figures…

    The song is dope too, but the video is so so good and feels perfectly sat. morning in 1987. I'm in! Are we making a new show? I'm in.

  4. lorraine soence Avatar
    lorraine soence

    absolutely one of the best of the year… whats a woodie?

  5. ross martin Avatar
    ross martin

    Yo, Lorraine. A Woodie is an award from MTV's college network, mtvU. College kids nationwide pick their favorite artists (mostly indie bands), and then mtvU throws a concert to announce and celebrate the winners. Here's more on the Woodie Awards: http://www.woodies.mtvu.com

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