Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Street Cred & The Car Fire To Prove It

Recently, Fucked In Park Slope published this beautiful photo that was taken a few years ago by someone who looked out their window in Park Slope and saw flames.

Park Slope fire

When they looked closer, they saw it was an Access-A-Ride, on fire.


Crazy thing is that my wife just called to tell me that last night, right on our corner in Prospect Heights, Crooklyn, someone lit a car on fire. Rabbi Andy Bachman explained to Jordana that the car had been stripped, then burned to cover up the crooks’ tracks.

Courtney Holt, you were right. It seems I officially do live in the hood.





5 responses to “Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Street Cred & The Car Fire To Prove It”

  1. Aaron Seigler Avatar

    If it was on the corner of Vanderbilt and Park Pl, I snapped some pics:

  2. Ross Martin Avatar

    Thanks, Aaron, great photo. Now I can say "our continuing coverage" of the Prospect Heights car explosion. – Ross

  3. spanelo Avatar

    Can't believe there are no stories at all covering this! This happened right outside my window (Vanderbilt/Park), preceded by a loud popping noise (twice- like gunshots) and then sirens and a crazy fire blaze that was very dramatic in the middle-of-the-night darkness. So people robbed the car and stripped it and set it on fire?

  4. Linds Avatar

    it was "something burning" A HA HA. I mean, no that's really terrible and now made worse by my awful joke.

  5. daniel arnold Avatar

    small world, ross martin. that's my photo.

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