That Matador Records Ad On

October 6, 2010 — 0

Can’t believe an advertisement on my blog just made my day, but it did.


Last week,  I called up the supreme webmaster of (F-Train Media), and I asked if he would try putting some Google Adsense ads on the blog. Reason being, traffic’s way up, more than I ever thought (thank you, by the way), and I feel like my webmaster should reap the benefits.

After some coaxing, he agreed. The the ads are up. And besides the Tea’s Tea ad, which I call an “enthusi-ad” and I put there because I like Tea’s Tea, the other ads are served by an algorythm. Meaning it’s anybody’s guess which ad will pop up when you visit this site.

I suppose I hope that “contextual ads” means that the ads you see here will in some way relate to the content you’re reading or looking at, but I’m not holding my breath, and I hope you’re not, either.

I like reloading the site while I’m on conference calls, playing my own version of banner ad roulette. If the ads suck, tell the advertisers that their ads suck. That’s what I do.

So imagine my surprise when I got back to the office today, went to check out somethingburning, and there pops a banned ad for one of my favorite labels of all time! Matador Records! Home of Pavement, Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth and many more.

Hooray Matador! Hooray SomethingBurning! Hooray ad dollars for my webmaster!

Gonna hit refresh now and see what ad pops up.


What It’s Like To Get Your Face Licked By Interns From

July 12, 2010 — 0

Today, the New York Post reported the story of what went down here at the office last Friday. Here’s what happened…

Friday, twitter alerted me that Nancy Lublin, founder and Executive Director of, was up to no good. She’d sent her summer interns on a scavenger hunt through NYC.

Their tasks were:
– Hunt down Nick Cannon and shower him with Skittles
– Slap a banner on Seventeen Magazine Editor-In-Chief Ann Shoket‘s office
– Take a photo with Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation’s


Monday Night’s Dinner

June 30, 2010 — 0

Two things happened at dinner Monday night at Blue Ribbon.

1) The theme of our dinner was “Exploit”… Not the pejorative definition, the other one. And it featured an inspiring table of people who run platforms that empower young people to do amazing shit: The National Endowment For The Arts, TED Conference For Youth,, Red Head Consulting, Pepsi Refresh Project, Best Film On Campus, Rate My Professors, FreedomZone, VIMBY and more.

2) Our waiter is a rapper named Zach G, and his website is: here.

Also, on our waiter’s website, I just finally found the lyrics to this Eminem song:

I come around like what goes around
What goes up must come down
anyone that goes up must go down
might as well go for the gusto now
better not let up better not let them breathe
last shot give it all you got
(wanna turn me down) bitch cant fuck with a volume knob
fuck all you


Everybody’s All Up In Everybody Else’s Grill

June 17, 2010 — 0

And whatnot.



“Companies have gotten so collectively locked into a particular cadence of competition that they appear to have lost sight of their mandate — which is to create meaningful grooves of separation from one another. Consequently, the harder they compete, the less differentiated they become.”


Ad agencies are venture capitalists, retailers are media companies, production companies are ad agencies, and media companies (like ours) are becoming


The First Shot of MTV’s SuChin Pak On Her Cross-Country Road Trip For The Pepsi Refresh Project

April 7, 2010 — 0

Here’s a shot of SuChin Pak on the road, going across the country, meeting winners and contenders for Pepsi Refresh grants.

suchin pepsi

If you haven’t seen the project voting site yet, check it out. Why? Because you’ll find some intense and important projects in there — with millions of Pepsi’s dollars up for grabs each month — and the only way projects get funded is if we vote. If a great project doesn’t get votes, it doesn’t get funded. If it does, it DOES get funded, and it actually happens.

More to come… but def don’t wait to vote.