MTV Hive Presents: Zambri

November 15, 2011 — 0

Last year, the band Zambri performed a live show in my office.  Now check them out on MTV Hive!  And they just hit the MTV Music Meter!

Zambri “Glossolalia” EP by kaninerecords

From MTV Hive:

Just because Jessica and Cristi Jo Zambri share a last name doesn’t mean the sisters are always on the same page. “We don’t really talk about the music we make, which is odd. We tend to just make it and make it our own, but sometimes I wonder what’s going on in her head,” Jessica says of the songwriting process behind the group’s debut EP, Glossolalia. “We’re both constantly confused by each other.”  You wouldn’t know that just by listening to the


Put Your Hands Up: The Secret Life Of MTV’s Craig Goldstein

August 16, 2011 — 0

I must’ve gone to camp and college with at least ten kids named Craig Goldstein.  None of them, I’m certain, would describe themselves in this way:

– “Jewish guy” (uh, we know)
– “Likes BBQ, country music and firearms” (firearms?)
– “Registered  Democrat but votes for Ron Paul”
– “MTV tech blogger”
– “New Jersey Police Officer” (wha?)

Wait, firearms? (OK, let’s get back to that in a minute.)

One of the things I love about working at MTV Networks is that there’s a surprise around every corner. It keeps the days fresh. And most of the time, the surprises are actual people. For example:

– Did we know that two guys from the ad sales pricing and inventory team could jam out?

– Or that MTV’s head of Pro Social and Public Affairs, Jason Rzepka, is really DJ Applesauce?

– Or that Peter Kay explores sonic anachronism in the privacy of his own home, then publishes his creations on the interweb?

Last year, I found Craig Goldstein scouring the convention floor at CES and, sensing I was overwhelmed by all the technology, he was kind enough to shepherd me around a bit. No surprise, he works our production technologies group. What I didn’t know is that Craig also writes for MTV’s “guy’s blog,” called Clutch, where he writes about video games, Father’s Day gifts, and gadgets.

OK, back to the firearms thing.  Seriously, we work in Times Square, which is pretty much shut down daily by suspicious packages and terrorist threats.  So, Craig, WTF?

Maybe this explains it:  Craig Goldstein just became a freakin volunteer cop. Yes, a cop. In New Jersey, no less.

Mofo comes to work and teaches corporate tools like me how to make our iPads work, not to mention trying to stay ahead of the world on technology, then goes home to Maplewood, NJ and, like,  fights crime?

Yes, yes indeed — mofo is packin heat! And here’s the proof, bitches:

Lesson: Don’t fuck with Craig Goldstein!

I don’t know about the rest of my colleagues here at MTV Networks, but I for one feel much safer knowing that Craig, as Sgt. First Class Joanne Harrison of Maplewood puts it, “…underwent intensive training in almost all aspects of police work…including lessons in traffic control, crowd control, foot patrol, criminal law, court procedures and demeanor, processing evidence, seizure, due process, HAZMAT awareness, first aid and more.”

“HAZMAT awareness!”

Follow Craig on twitter and he will protect you: @techmywifeplz


Toasting The Times Square Heroes

May 19, 2010 — 0

Rick invited the Times Square street vendors up for a small party in their honor.  The least we could do for these veterans, who stopped a bomb from exploding right on our corner.  Here’s to you, fellas.



Zambri Jams Right Here In The Office

May 10, 2010 — 5


Mary Zambri, who is on the sales team for MTV, has two sisters who formed a band called — you guessed it — Zambri. Mary sent me some links to their new songs, and I invited them to come jam here in the office. Zambri brought drums and bass, and when the drums kicked in, everyone on the floor packed into my office and we rocked that shit.

I love this song, I made them do it twice…

Tough to get this next one out of your head. It’s called “w/Somebody,” and with some good production in the studio, I think it’s gonna be their first single:

Can’t wait for them to


MTV Ad Sales Guys Ira Sperling & John Kelly Jam On Guitar & Vocals Here In My Office

March 9, 2010 — 1

Special thanks to John Kelly and Ira Sperling, both from MTV ad sales’ “Pricing & Inventory” group. Not just for the great performance — shot live in my office — but also for their patience (I’ve been holding on to these clips for a while, keeping them to myself).

By day, these guys manage the complex dimensional grid that somehow adds up to sponsors getting seen on our networks most effectively. Their mathematical wizardry is legendary in our halls, but it’s their heart and talent that really shined in my office that afternoon.

Here are 3 original songs. This first, “Subway Song,” will make you laugh. Especially if you work in Times Square and deal with a subway commute…

These two are more soulful and make me wish I had better lighting to match the mood. Here’s
Sing Me To Sleep”:

And here’s a song about cross-country road trip. I love the first line: “Turn the key, I’m movin’.”

Needless to say, we gotta get Ira and John back in here to play some more. The vibe was amazing, and not just because of all the Pabst on hand, though that didn’t hurt. Thanks guys.