I Surprise Alexa Chung’s Producer In Her Office

It’s On With Alexa Chung isn’t on today. So instead, meet my colleague, Corin Nelson, who runs the show. Corin used to run Rosie, Chelsea Lately, Megan Mullally, Sharon Osborne, etc. She’s doing a killer job with Alexa. I watch the show in my office every day. I told you this show would be good!

Because it was her off day, I headed down the hall and bum-rushed Corin to make her have lunch with me on the Times Square beach. Notice how rude it is of Corin not to tell me who she is on the phone with (probably Bradley Cooper).

Untitled from Ross Martin on Vimeo.

Watch behind the scenes stuff here and you can sometimes see and hear Corin doing her thing.

Next Week on Alexa:

Channing Tatum
Marlon Wayans
Demetri Martin
Selena Gomez
Sienna Miller
Vanessa Hudgens
La Roux
The Duke Spirit
Jeremy Piven


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  1. Larissa Klark Avatar
    Larissa Klark

    i seriously LOVE this show a lot more than I thiought i would i tivo it daily and watch late night instead of fallon (sorry jimmy!)

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