September 6, 2011 — 0

Former MTV music snob (in a good way), Courtney Smith’s new book, RECORD COLLECTING FOR GIRLS, comes out today.

Why buy it?  For starters, Courtney knows her shit.  Girl’s got a music library (bigger than your ipod’s) in her head and in her heart, and a trigger finger so intuitive it just knows when to push play for the mood you’re in right now… or now… or now.

Or you could just buy it because you like this new trailer for the book.

I asked Courtney some questions about the book:

Courtney, your book’s incredible, I’ve read it. How do you remember all these songs?

How could I forget any of these songs? There are many songs I wish I could forget, like everything by Soulja Boy and “The Pina Colada Song (Escape)”, but they’re all stuck in my head forever. What I really love are when songs get tied to people in my mind and they don’t even know it. We’ll talk about that with you, Ross Martin, in a few questions.

When you look back at your time here at MTV, what pops into your head?

When I’m answering questions for Ross Martin the first thing that pops into my head is the mtvU Woodie Awards. Two specific memories come to mind. The first time we met in a planning meeting for the Woodies and you got up and shook my hand, then we all argued for an hour over what the categories would be. That was one of the most fun conversations every at MTV. And when we taped the segments for the first ever Woodies, watching back The Killers accepting their award. It is a classic awkward moment captured on film that I strongly feel more people should get to watch in retrospectives when the time comes.

I think of you as someone who’s so insightful, you could find multiple songs for any emotion or moment. What would Ross Martin’s theme song(s) be?

You know you are forever linked to Matisyahu in my  mind, because you were such a huge champion of his on mtvU. Your first theme song is “King Without a Crown.” I would also have to admit that you are a very “Eye of the Tiger” person. You’re always so energetic and nothing seems to get you down. You never said no to one of my bad ideas ever, that I recall. But I may have just blocked it out if you did.

In 140 characters or less, how would you describe the book?

“Because girls get their hearts broken and make mixtapes about it, too.”  (That’s my tagline, it’s pretty good right?)

What question did I forget to ask you?

So, are you going to write any more books?

Me?  Uh, yeah.  My next book is called “AWARD-WINNING CARE FOR NON-HEALING WOUNDS.”  For serious.

As for Courtney, I hope she writes more books.  In the meantime, buy this one and check out Courtney’s awesome blog.



The 2011 Woodie Awards At #SXSW With Foo Fighters, Wiz Khalifa, Sleigh Bells, Two Door Cinema Club and Odd Future, Hosted By Donald Glover

March 8, 2011 — 0

The first time we did the Woodie Awards, it was an awards show without, uh, the “show.” It was 2004. We didn’t have time to make one.

College kids voted on who would win, students at The School of Visual Arts designed the “trophy” from a chunk of tree, and we literally ambushed bands who looked like deer in headlights and screamed: “You just won a Woodie!”

What the F is a Woodie?” they all asked.

Well, artists don’t ask that anymore. In fact, they compete hard core to win Woodie Awards in a bunch of categories like Breaking Woodie, Road Woodie, Woodie of the Year… And my favorite, the College Radio Woodie, which goes to the best college radio station in America.

For 6 years straight, the Woodies have been a show (and a party) on MTV, MTV2 and mtvU. This year it will be even more fun (for me) because I don’t have to produce it!

Don’t get me wrong, I already miss the show, the artists, all of my incredible friends and colleagues who make it happen year after year. Sitting in the truck, remotely zooming in on Jack White and The Dead Weather, getting in the way of Eric Conte, Liz Patrick, Tracy Hellerud, Joe Buoye… I already miss it.

I especially miss hunting for Kings of Leon’s stolen Woodie Award last year, snatched from the hands of Cyndi Lauper and Leighton Meester.

But now that MTV Scratch is off and running, they’ve banned me from the HD production truck and handed me a VIP ticket so I can sit upstairs where they put all the other corporate tools like me. And drink. And rock the fuck out.

Major props to (VMA producers) Den Of Thieves, led by Evan Prager and Jesse Ignjatovic, who are teaming up with Amy Doyle to bring the Woodies to life, this year. Comedian Donald Glover hosts, with performances by Foo Fighters, Wiz Khalifa, Sleigh Bells, Two Door Cinema Club and Odd Future.

Kick off the 2011 South By Southwest Music Festival right, watch the mtvU Woodie Awards LIVE on MTV, MTV2, mtvU and online at! (Brought to you, of course, by Sun Drop)


Where’s The 2011 Woodie Awards?

November 8, 2010 — 1

To all those who’ve been asking me for tickets to everybody’s favorite, the Woodie Awards:

The breaking news is that we’re doing the show in March, now. Not in the fall.


Not because it interfered with my anniversary for five straight years and my wife was fed up with that — because in truth she was really cool about it.

There’s an incredible new team coming in to rock the Woodies and take it to the next level, so stay tuned.


The High Life: “We Came To Rock” (AR Classic Records)

November 8, 2010 — 3

Rebecca Gwynne — a really good young editor — sent me this new video from some hip hop artists I didn’t know before. The artists are The High Life and they seem like they’re really psyched to be doing this video, so it put me in a good mood. The video’s directed by Toshiki Yoshiro. Mike Frazier is the editor, and I like his style here.

Is the song gonna make you sing it? Prob not, but it’s still good, and I like these guys’ energy.

Makes me think for the ***** project we’re working on (hint: it’s a soft drink), we should let the emerging hip hop community know we could use some music for the campaign. Like in mtvU days, we’d probably get thousands of songs, and some would be killer, and we’d blast those out wide.

Anyway, thanks for the early morning lift on a Monday, Rebecca.


Monday Night’s Dinner

June 30, 2010 — 0

Two things happened at dinner Monday night at Blue Ribbon.

1) The theme of our dinner was “Exploit”… Not the pejorative definition, the other one. And it featured an inspiring table of people who run platforms that empower young people to do amazing shit: The National Endowment For The Arts, TED Conference For Youth,, Red Head Consulting, Pepsi Refresh Project, Best Film On Campus, Rate My Professors, FreedomZone, VIMBY and more.

2) Our waiter is a rapper named Zach G, and his website is: here.

Also, on our waiter’s website, I just finally found the lyrics to this Eminem song:

I come around like what goes around
What goes up must come down
anyone that goes up must go down
might as well go for the gusto now
better not let up better not let them breathe
last shot give it all you got
(wanna turn me down) bitch cant fuck with a volume knob
fuck all you


The Pepsi Refresh Project On MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Teen Nick, Spike TV & More

June 1, 2010 — 1

Nice interview with our girl SuChin Pak today on the Pepsi Refresh website.

SuChin’s about to hit the road again for the second leg of her cross-country trip, in which we tell the stories of incredible young people whose ideas and passion are coming to life before our very eyes. It’s the kind of project we get up in the morning excited to come to work for.

You can watch episodes like this one from SuChin’s tour on MTV, mtvU, VH1, Comedy Central, Spike, Teen Nick and more: